#COVIDPositiveStories – Jibrin Abubakar Yaro

Meet Jibrin Abubakar Yaro, He is the Founder of the Child Hope organization, a non-governmental organization initiated to bridge the gap between Vulnerable children and access to formal education. This is his #COVIDPositiveStory; 

What inspired me to begin our COVID project is that the Almajiris are abandoned children with nobody to care about their health, so I picked so much interest to take the COVID-19 precautionary measures awareness to them and also provide them with preventative materials for their use.

Over time, our work with the Almajiris has been towards fighting for The Almajiri child Right, their right to education, right to good health and well-being. It is a project for demanding more government action for the Almajiri child in the world and my own contribution in practicing what I advocate for, I have enrolled 10 Almajiris to formal school education to make the government understand that if an individual can do it then the government can do better. 


 Nevertheless, since the outbreak of the pandemic, I and my team have been able to reach out to the Almajiri house in rural areas where series of advocacy have been taking place on the preventive measure against COVID-19 and providing preventative materials to them such as nose mask, hand sanitizers, and hand gloves in Kano and Nasarawa state. 

The project has taught me more about leadership and what it takes to be a leader. A personal lesson I have learned is that I shouldn’t wait for anyone before I act. More still, we need more government actions and interventions because the Almajiris are very close to us, if they get infected, we are also very likely to be infected.  The government needs to design a policy on equality and implement it accordingly. 

My mom has been a huge source of inspiration to me, she always says to me;  “Jibrin speak for the dejected masses as you are my only son, I want to see you touch the lives of the poor positively,”  she is my mentor. 

My advice to my fellow youth is, let’s join our hands together and take action to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.