Youth Activators Lab (YAL)

The Youth Activators Lab (YAL) is an upgrade of the NGYouthSDGs Champions Programme which began in 2019.

YAL is a one-year programme for young people between the ages of 18 and 29 who will work with the NGYouthSDGs to advocate for meaningful youth engagement in policies and programmes for young people to lead and thrive in Nigeria. The Associates with support the NGYouthSDGs team in designing  innovative campaigns focused on the agency of youth for sustainable development and engaging with policymakers and youth stakeholders for the rights of youth in Nigeria.

The Youth Activators Lab offers young people the opportunity to;

  • Access training focused on project management, communication, fundraising and stakeholder engagement.
  • Represent NGYouthSDGs at local and international events.
  • Support NGYouthSDGs in co-designing and implementing programmes in various states.
  • Receive recommendations from NGYouthSDGs for professional or career growth.
  • Identify organizations in communities with similar values to deliver impactful programmes for youth.
  • Planning and delivering campaigns around youth rights.

International Youth Day

Since 2017, NGYouthSDGs has commemorated International Youth Day by  providing  a platform for young people to use their voices to demand urgent action in education, employment, climate action, sexual and reproductive health, clean water and sanitation, and gender equality. 

In 2020, NGYouthSDGs began a partnership with Oxfam in Nigeria through Work in Progress, to  celebrate young people making a difference in six priority SDGs directly affecting young people and women in Nigeria. It has been an avenue for youth stakeholders to connect with young people to galvanize actions for more investments in youth development in Nigeria.

ClimateVoices Nigeria

In 2022, NGYouthSDGs commemorated COP 27, NGYouthSDGs with the support of the United Nations Information Centre by hosting the climate change advocacy workshop across the 6 geopolitical zones of Nigeria in Adamawa, Anambra, Kaduna, Kwara, Ondo and Rivers states with 360 young people in attendance. The workshop focused on understanding the threats of climate change, the importance of climate education and ways that young people can work with government, business and youth stakeholders to identify and mitigate the threats of climate change in their communities.

For COP28, we hosted  a social media live series to engage and educate young people in Nigeria on the critical aspects of climate change, climate education, loss and damage, and climate policy. 

Through the ClimateVoices Nigeria program, we hope to continuously empower young people to become active advocates for climate action, fostering a generation of informed and inspired individuals who contribute to sustainable practices and policy changes.

World Youth Skills Day

The International Labour Organisation (IL0) in partnership with the Network of Youth for Sustainable Initiative (NGYouthSDGs), Africado Foundation, Mind the Gap and Youth Employ hosted an intergenerational dialogue between leaders and young Nigerians in the green economy, digital economy and creative sector in Nigeria. The one-day event brought together various stakeholders, including representatives from the private sector, youth corps, and youth leaders to dialogue on skills opportunities and challenges in the green, digital and creative sectors.

The event focused on the importance of providing young people with relevant skills for decent work, employment, and entrepreneurship, while also addressing the challenges faced by Nigerian youth in the context of skills development and employment.

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International Volunteers Day

Volunteers are at the heart of the work of NGYouthSDGs from our advisory board, staff, champions, and partners,  they contribute to the attainment of our mission and assist in organizing events, conducting research, facilitating workshops and engaging communities.

On International Volunteers Day,  NGYouthSDGs makes it a call of duty to celebrate the contributions of young people and partners to the work of amplifying the voices of young people and advocating for meaningful youth engagement in policies and programs for youth to lead and thrive.

You can watch the 2023 International Volunteers event here

Nigeria People’s Assembly

During the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Week, the Network of Youth for Sustainable Initiative (NGYouthSDGs) organizes the Nigeria People’s Assembly to raise awareness about SDGs 1, 4, 8, 12 and 13 and explore ways to foster addressing the challenges young people face. The assembly brings together diverse participants from the youth, private sector, civil society, academia and government to collectively address these challenges, share innovative solutions, and inspire actionable change.  

With support from our partners, we raise awareness  and foster dialogue about critical challenges facing people in ending poverty, quality education, decent work, sustainable cities, and climate action.

Youth Voice Count

NGYouthSDGs focus on creating spaces for young people and youth groups to engage as active citizens and advocate for meaningful youth engagement in policies and programs that will help youth lead and thrive.

The Youth Voice Count is designed to engage community youth between the ages of 18 and 25 as active citizens. It focuses on the agency of youth as advocates, communicators and leaders of sustainable community development and is designed to support their meaningful participation in the community. It seeks to engage youth on issues like democracy, rights and sustainable development.

Young people under the age of 25 make up more than 40 percent of the Nigerian Population with many of them going to be first-time voters during the forthcoming elections making their engagement in dialogues very important.

The Youth Voice Count Project engaged 120 youth in three local government areas of Cross River, Lagos and Plateau states in active social dialogue and active citizens to inspire fellow youth to take positive action during the forthcoming general elections.