Youth Champion Speaks on Transforming Literary Learning Spaces

Ruth Ogwuche (nee Ngoka) is a social change agent, a Speak Up Stand Out(SUSO) education activist, a youth development advocate, and a lecturer and researcher in the Department of Political Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. In this interview, Uchenna Imo spoke with Ruth to discuss how she is localizing the sustainable goals in her community […]

We need more of Afeez Olalekan to achieve Goal 4, Read this Story

By Rianat Wahab “Never postpone an action to make a change. You might just be keeping a life endangered.”- Afeez Olalekan Afeez is an experienced educator with over ten years of experience. He is a visionary leader, with a mission to help teenagers and youth harness their potentials for more productivity at an early stage […]