Embracing Digital Activism in Speaking Truth to Power

Do you know how often I have considered leaving this country in my lifetime or last year? More than I can count, and can you blame me? I live in a nation where all my efforts for change and more favourable living conditions for myself are frustrated by the same bodies that dare call me […]

#COVIDPositiveStories – Jennifer Agunloye Okoliko

Meet Jennifer Agunloye Okoliko, she is the founder of the Girls Should Thrive Initiative (GiST), an NGO focused on raising female leaders from disadvantaged communities through entrepreneurship, education, and technology. This is her #COVIDPositiveStory; Our COVID-19 project is a Mobile food bank providing food for struggling families during the lockdown especially those who depend on […]

#COVIDPositiveStories – Brian Gabriel

Meet Dr. Brian-Gabriel, A medical doctor by training, and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of Paperware Limited, a company that manufactures disposable paper cups, and paper food packaging. This is his #COVIDPositiveStory. When the first cases of #COVID19 came to light in Nigeria, the cost of hand sanitizers doubled almost five times. People who […]