Youth Employment in Nigeria: A Vehicle for Decent Work and Economic Growth

The United  Nations, for statistical purposes, defines youth as young people between the ages of 15- 24 while the Nigeria Youth Population policy through the National Bureau of Statistics identifies the Youth population in Nigeria from 15- 35 years.  Young people are the future of any nation, and Nigeria is no exception. Nigeria has one […]

Nigerian Youth Employment Action Plan 2021-2024

The overarching goal of the Nigerian Youth Employment Action Plan (NIYEAP) for the period 2021 to 2024 is to contribute to the achievement of decent, productive and freely chosen employment for young people by complementing and reinforcing existing policy commitments and national development priorities and related efforts. The NIYEAP has four priority areas of intervention, […]

NGYouthSDGs Organizes Youth Labs to Design Solutions to Tackle Youth Unemployment in Nigeria

The COVID19 pandemic has shown the importance of creating safety nets for young Nigerians. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria’s unemployment rate is 27.1% meaning that 21.7 million Nigerians are unemployed with an underemployment rate of 28.6% indicating that 55.7% of the population are underemployed or unemployed. Young people who make about 70 […]