2020 Review – A Year of Sharing Youth Power and Driving Momentum for the Global Goals

Dear Friend,

Happy New Year!

We know 2020 was a long and challenging year and we hope that you are excited to kick start 2021 with all the energy and determination to achieve the change you desire in your community and the world.

Last year showed us the importance of advocating for a better world with the way the COVID19 pandemic shaped our lives. We saw a lot of young people take leadership positions to ensure that human rights are respected. It was heartwarming to see how we stood in solidarity with one another with the #EndSARS campaign and the numerous ways we supported those in need of food, shelter, clothing, medical and educational aid.

As an organization, we created opportunities for our young people to host conversations with key decision-makers in our county by hosting dialogues to commemorate the 75th year anniversary of the United Nations and contributing towards the implementation of the Nigeria Youth Employment Action Plan through a survey with 212,000 responses and a youth dialogues across Nigeria with over 800 youth voices.

NGYouthSDGs is proud of the momentum and power created and shared by our members in 2020 and we are grateful to our young leaders across Nigeria who showed leadership under conditions of uncertainty that yielded remarkable results.

We appreciate you for being a part of our amazing community, your resilience and agility during the difficult times, and continued learning journey and amazing work to achieve our goals.

We would like to share highlights of our 2020 accomplishments and successes with you.

Thank you for your commitment to ensuring that young people contribute to the development of our country and our world.

Kind regards,

Joshua Alade.