Achieving More Results: Lessons from the Broom

Clement Johnson


It would be vain repetition telling the tails of the broom and how it has been used to illustrate to us the power of unity while growing up.

Our generation can boast of young people that are ready to contribute their quota towards the development of their society and also young people that are ready to contribute towards the betterment of the various sectors they are passionate about.

These buttresses the point that human resources are the greatest resources and of truth “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” according to Farai Mubaiwa in her TEDx talk.

Young people have displayed various actions that vindicate their intention to be true and that has clearly stated that they are ready to cause the change that they desire, however, we all have to take lessons from the ancient brooms and not the modern brushes we now make use of.

The impact of the broomstick is felt when it’s wounded together alongside its compatriots using a single belt which indicates that they are on one mission.

Irrespective of sector, field, or whatever diversity that exists, we must understand that we’re all on the same cause which is to cause change and cause positive improvement in our societies and communities.

We must all come together, pool our resources together and achieve more!

Partnership and collaboration should be adapted to help everyone achieve their set goals and objectives. There’s no reason to compete when we can complement each other and get more work done.

Youths should learn to volunteer and assist in other people’s cause, there shouldn’t be hoarding of information and resources when it can help a particular group achieve their set results.

The common enemy is under development and wrongs that have eaten deep into the core of our communities, this enemy cuts across sectors and young change-makers should arise and help each other.

Young people should form bonds, harness resources and aim to achieve more together.