#COVID19: What Should A Good Leader Do Now?

The advent of coronavirus has shown the importance of leadership in our world today. How do you lead people through a pandemic? What do you do after a pandemic to ensure that people do not suffer too much after all the loss?

The Youth SDGs Cafe is a resourcing meetup for youth leaders to collaborate towards sustainable project and share ideas that will help transform our world today. The cafe is a partnership with the United Nations Information Centre, United Nations Association of Nigeria and NextGen Africa Initiative.

The coronavirus pandemic which has transformed our lives is responsible for moving the cafe which is a physical event to a virtual one.

The focus of this first virtual event is – #COVID-19: What Should A Good Leader Do Now is to explore how young people can develop their leadership and technology skills to improve their ability to respond during this time. Leadership is pivotal in creating a new level of thinking in a time when access to jobs is endangered because of the pandemic.

Our guest – Trevor Waldock, the founder of Emerging Leaders will share from his experience on what young people can do to take advantage of the changes in our world. He will share his experience of supporting young people across Africa to lead change.

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