#COVIDPositiveStories – Doyinsola Ogunye

Doyinsola Ogunye is the founder of Mental and Environmental Development Initiative for Children. This is her #COVIDPositiveStory.

The project is called the #COVID19 Water Project. The project started when I started to listen to the Covid-19 guidelines, the part that said wash your hands for 20 seconds under running water got to me. I knew that there were millions of people who cannot afford to do this because of the cost of water. In Lagos, good quality water is really expensive. I wanted to help. So I started looking for people that had the same mindset online. Everything we have done about this project has been 100% done on social media. This project is a stand-alone project. I have not had experience doing a water project until now.

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This project is benefiting five communities in Eti Osa. We are providing a 10,000-liter storage facility for each community. Safe drinking water is really expensive and we are glad we are not only preventing the virus from spreading, but we are also preventing water-borne diseases like Cholera. We realized that most people were already giving out food, we decided to supplement with water. Water is indeed life. We are saving lives with this project. We intend where possible to get boreholes for the communities as well.

This project has taught me one vital lesson; Take Action. We might not really have everything figured out but once we start, there are ALWAYS people along the way that will help you. On mobilizing people the only major tool has been INSTAGRAM. These are the tools our generation will use to change the world. We all need to play our role.

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I am inspired by the need for collective action. We all need to play our part. As a young person, this is the time to act for change. It is not time to wait for instructions. This is the time to set the pace. The world is waiting for us!!