#COVIDPositiveStories – Godwin Takor

Godwin Takor is the Founder of Impact Foundation and this is his #COVIDPositiveStory.


Since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in Nigeria, Godwin began to imagine what will be the fate of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) living in the camps. A lot of these people are victims of the Boko Haram insurgency in the country and report has shown that they are not adequately being taken care of. Godwin wondered if the people have access to running water for handwashing and if they have been educated on the importance of social distancing. Statistics showed that people who live communally have a high risk of contracting the virus because of poor nutrition, inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.  


Godwin  mobilize his team to the IDP camp in Logo Local Government Area of Benue state in partnership with Hope and Care Foundation and Explore Africa Foundation to educate community members on COVID-19, the symptoms, means of contraction, and possible ways to stop the spread within and outside the camp. After the training, a local handwashing equipment called a tippy tap was developed and placed at strategic locations at each block in the camp. This is to ensure that members of the community wash their hands regularly under running water to minimize contracting and spread of the virus within the camp. 


At Impact Foundation, we use our skills in education and capacity building to inform patners and champions in our host community on ways that they can improve their well being. The project at the Logo IDP Camp was a perfect opportunity to use minimal resource to prevent a major crisis using education. Everytime we see a need, we are always willing to use our resource to meet them.


There is a lot that we need to do as citizens and government in the fight to end the corona virus in Nigeria especially in IDP camps. Majority of the community members are uneducated and vulnerable which raises their chances of contracting the virus and spreading it. As a country, more investment should be made for people who have been displaced from their homes to enable them have access to the right nutrition and sanitation.


As a changemaker, I am inspired by the desire to use my gift and privilege to serve people who may need my help. I believe that as a young person, every little opportunity that we have to positive impact the lives of other people counts. Often times, it may be difficult to see the change you desire happen at once but that should not stop you from contributing your quota towards a better nation for us all.