#COVIDPositiveStories – Ogholi Alero

Meet Ogholi Alero Sandra, she is a social entrepreneur and female rights advocate from Delta State, Nigeria. She is the Founder of Rural Development and Reformation Foundation (RUDERF). This is her #COVIDPositiveStory;

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, RUDERF decided to join our efforts to help prevent the spread of the dreadful disease, by starting up a COVID-19 support project.  History inspired me to launch this project,  the history of the previous pandemic and the devastating effects it left on the world. 

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Since the 26th of March, our team has commenced a rural outreach to sensitize, create awareness and give out freehand sanitizer to people from low-income areas in our host community, Sapele Delta State.  We took these steps because working in rural and semi-urban communities,  we realized there were a lot of misconceptions about the pandemic which could escalate and put more lives in danger in the long run.

Our target is people who genuinely cannot afford to purchase sanitizers. Our goal is to help 200 low-income families protect themselves and prevent the COVID-19 spread.  

We have had mixed responses from our outreaches so far; fear, ignorance, anger, spirituality, hope,  nonchalance and lots more.  

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Women are at the forefront of protecting their families and communities in these times,  hence they must be supported to achieve this goal. 

COVID-19 is changing the way the world thinks. Hence we must all join hands to fight and eradicate this pandemic. It is a collective responsibility and more people need to get involved.

I believe we are in a position to win because of what we learned from the lessons in the past.  

My advice to youth is this, you can make an impact from wherever you are.  Let us start taking the initiative and stop complaining.