Oxfam Nigeria and NGYouthSDGs Host The 2020 International Youth Day In Nigeria

More than ever, the world has turned to innovators delivering solutions to solve society’s greatest problems, removing critical barriers, facilitate innovative approaches and power our livelihood. 2020 started amid uncertainties for young people in Nigeria and may likely end with more uncertainties as the world battles COVID-19 and getting ready for an apparent recession; Nigeria needs social innovators, changemakers and pioneers who are creating new sustainable models and making an impact in Nigeria.

The potential of young people is the driving force of our collective prosperity. This is particularly relevant to Africa, whose population is projected to represent over 40 per cent of the world’s young people… there is growing consensus that Africa’s youthfulness will continue to grow for the next 50 years while the other continents are ageing as noted by Abdalla Hamdok ( UNECA / South Sudan President)

This year, the United Nation’s International Youth Day 2020 is focused on “Youth Engagement for Global Action” and explores medium engage youth from the local level to the global level. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a serious challenge but it has also presented an opportunity, notably for several young people in Nigeria and Africa develop innovative solutions; adopt creative mechanism and rebranded to meet the numerous needs of their peers which in these situations have helped place their communities ahead of the curve, improving processes and providing lifesaving systems.

A key strategy for this is an interjection and interconnection between policies and actions. Young people will need to be placed at the forefront, seen as equal partners and more importantly empowered with skills to survive the times and flourish in the evolving workplace of the future.

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1. To build an interconnection between policymakers and innovative problem solvers to jointly discuss multifaceted solutions for present times and the future

2. To create a platform and safe space for young people to raise awareness of their concerns and demands

3. To get input into policy documents to be sent to the National Assembly and used to engage lawmakers

4. Synergize ongoing efforts by youth organizations and build a collective campaign for youth engagement.

Speakers: To Be Announced
Date: Wednesday 12 August 2020
Time: 11 am (GMT+1)
Venue: Zoom

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We will also be announcing the top 3 winners of our social innovation challenge #IYDInnovationChallenge. If you run a social enterprise, click here to learn more.