With just 12 Years left to the 2030 Deadline, there is a new sense of Urgency

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development provides a global blueprint for dignity, peace, and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future. While the Millennium Development Goals had seen significant progress, 700 million people still lived in extreme poverty; climate change seemed to be accelerating, and several conflicts remained entrenched. Yet, the world leaned into determination, not resignation.

Three years into the implementation of the Agenda 2030 and as Countries are translating this shared vision into national development plans and strategies; we can now sense the mood changing. Only the 2030 Agenda has the breadth to provide a common language – a keystone – to prove the value of a multilateral world and bridge our diverse challenges. It is the only common framework that governments, international organizations, civil society, and local authorities have to coordinate planning, financing, and on-the-ground development, peace, and humanitarian work, linking village budgets to regional and global visions for generations to come.

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For young people in Nigeria, there’s no giving up nor going back with our hands firmly laid on the plow. We will prove yet again as we have done over time that Nigeria is the centre and hub of the world’s most resilient and positive minded young people with remarkable ingenuity for progress. We will continue, with one gentle step after another and one bold little action after another to create strong stories of change, like drops of rain, we will intensify our efforts, change the face of humanity and create stories that will live forever.

For us as the Editorial Team, we will continue to Chronicle and celebrate the undying spirit of Nigerian young people whose love and passion for our great country cannot be hindered by any force internal and external. We will continue to colour the pages of the Chronicle Newsletter with the efforts of Nigerians whose impacts and success stories creates ripple effects beyond now.

With just 12 years left to the 2030 deadline, we are now injected with a new sense of urgency. Achieving the 2030 Agenda requires immediate and accelerated actions by countries along with collaborative partnerships among governments and stakeholders at all levels. This ambitious Agenda necessitates a profound change that goes beyond business as usual. There is no better time to collaborative efforts than now in narrowing the gaps, bridging the divides, rebuilding trust in bringing people together around common goals. Unity is our path for which the future in itself is much depended on.

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Abraham Solomon
Editor – The Chronicle
Nigerian Youth SDGs Network